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Team Photo Scrapbook 08
2008 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Hammerfest at Soldier Hollow  - May 17, 2008

Bright sunshine, perfect temperature, and a trail in great condition. What could be better? Well, winning. In the Hammerfest at the Hollow, UMBs bicycle warriors attacked the leg-busting course and scored another team victory. A few of our key riders were hit with bad luck, but the team's depth and some fine individual performances pulled us through. Kyle Jackson, Jim Jackson, Darren Stirland, and Joshua Peterson scored first-place wins. Second-place finishers were Dylan Tanner, Derek Ransom, Justin Griffin, Jay Griffin, Kendra Clark, and Bruce Argyle.

Left:  The 10-12 and 9-and-under classes line up in the starting chute, as Ed gives them instructions about the course.

Category 9-and-under:

Joshua Peterson powers away from the
pack early in the race and takes 1st place
by a nice margin.

Shawn Nielsen hits the bottom of the
hill flying and gets the gears ready for
the next hill as he nails 3rd place.

Mandy Clark cranks up the narrow
singletrack. Mandy finishes in the
14th position in this category.

Category 10-12:

Left:  Zachary Peterson leans into a fast turn
as he nears the bottom of his first lap. Zachary
cranked himself onto the podium at 3rd place.

Right:  Brayden Nielsen cranks hard as he exits
the turn and sets his sights down the trail
as he rides to team points at 6th place.

Beginner Women:
Left:  Rachel Hutchings cranks out some
speed on the grassy lower race course as
she rides to 5th place.

Right: Hitting the first stiff singletrack climb
after leaving the shakeout pavement, Mike
pedals up away from the valley with the
expert-class riders.

Beginner 13-15:

Left:  Kyle Jackson gets low as he flies downhill
at the head of the BM 13-15 pack, riding to
another 1st  place finish.

Right: Jake Van Wagoner powers around a
turn on the singletrack high on the mountain.
Jake makes a strong ride to get the 4th place

Beginner 16-18:

Dylan Tanner shows how to take air
as he rocks to 2nd place.

With the signs of a wipeout on his knee,
Lance Jarvis powers on to 3rd place.

Vincent Bria pops off the lip of the XC
ski run on the way to 7th place.

Beginner 19-29:
Left:  Darren Stirland is looking mighty
fine as he takes air on the way to 1st place
in his category.

Right: Hanging out waiting for the awards,
the temperature is perfect for either sun-basking
or sitting in the shade. 

Beginner 30-39:

Left:  Derek Ransom sprints along the
XC ski course as the loop zigs and zags,
climbs and descends. Derek rides another
fine race to take 2nd place.

Right:  Shane Horton cranks through the brush
and muscles to the 6th position.

Left:  Dale Hutchings grabs the 9th place
spot for the UMB team.

Right:  Nathan Thayer puts air under the tires
as the trail rolls down the meadow, taking 10th.

Beginner 40-plus:

Jim Jackson takes another convincing
1st place

Jason Sparks gets another 4th place
finish with a fine race.

Russ Margetts puts in a great effort
and has an excellent 5th-place finish..

Sport/Expert 13-15:
Left:  Justin Griffin flies off the lip of
the ski path on his way to another
2nd place spot in this fast category.

Right:  Denmark, Dan, and Stephen fly
downhill in the SM 35-39 pack. Our
team really sticks together...

Sport/Expert 16-18:
Left:  Danny Van Wagoner starts out strong
but isn't feeling good and fades to take a DNF. 

Right: Ryan and Jared do their wrenching
magic to get the machines ready to
roll. Jared's about to head up the
mountain with the camera to capture
the action. 

Sport Women:
    Catherine worked this race as a volunteer while her bike's in the shop.
Sport Men 19-29:

Tyler Margetts cranks around a corner
on the way to 4th place.

Stephen Brown launches on the downhill
and gets the 7th place finish.

Eric Ellis follows quickly behind to take
9th place in the category.

Left:  Flying over the edge of the XC ski course,
Eric Taylor grabs the 11th place spot.

Right:  Ben Hutchings finishes in the 17th
position in SM 19-29.

Sport Men 30-34:
     UMB had no Sport 30-34 riders in this race.
Sport Men 35-39:

Denmark Jensen has a 4th place
ribbon and a new baby.

Dan Broadbent sprints across the meadow
as he nears the finish line and 6th place.

Darren Harris gets the 9th spot in
this very fast and competitive category.

Left:   Stephen Bergen cranks past the trees on
the way to a 10th place finish.

Right:  Greg Meyers broke his chain at the top of
the mountain on the first lap, but with help from
Derek and Justin who supplied a chain tool and
 quick link, got his steed moving again and
finished 12th.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Left:  Jay Griffin takes flight during a strong
effort that gave him another 2nd place win.

Right:  Dirt plus sweat equals interesting makeup.
Dan Broadbent is looking a bit brown around
the eyes.

Expert Men 30-39:
Left:  As our only expert-class rider in the
race, Mike Engberson makes 3 brutal laps
for the 11th place finish.

Right: At a debriefing near the leaderboard,
UMB's racers discuss what went right
and what went not-so-right. 

Women 35-plus:

Kendra Clark powers to her best
placement yet at 2nd place.

Sally Hutchings heads into the finish
line with a happy finish at 4th place.

Jolene Nosack looks strong as ever,
but a broken chain gives her a DNF.

Men 50-plus:
Left:  John Van Wagoner works hard to
again get the 8th place spot in the tough
Men 50+ category.

Right:  Mike washes the sweat and dirt from his
face with a cool-down splash from the water
station, as he heads out for his third lap.

Men 57-plus:
Left:  Bruce Argyle lands the jump in the
meadow and cranks on to his best finish
this season at 2nd place.

Right:  Ryan and Jim try out Lance's unicycle.
No word on whether the ICup will start a
Unicycle Category.

Soldier Hollow was a great experience for most of our UMB racers, and a disaster for a few. We again scored over 100 team points. Revolution also made a strong showing, but it looks like we'll edge them for the victory in the final results. It was a great effort!

Next week the team invades Revolution Territory for the Draper race. As the event sponsor, Revolution will put a lot of riders on the trail. See you there!

More race photos are available at

Clydesdale:   Singlespeed:  Expert Men 19-29:  Expert Men 40-plus:  Expert Women:  Pro:
           The UMB race team had no riders in these categories at this race.

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