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Css Menu Javascript by v4.3.0 Race Team Skills Workshop - April 28, 2008.
Ryan Allred conducted a skills workshop for the UMB race team. About 15 team members were able to make it to the Bowery for this helpful evening.

Ryan shows how you get over a rock. Jared assisted
with the teaching session.

Trackstand practice. Tough a foot down, you're
eliminated. Kyle edged out Derek for the win.

Bruce gets a bit carried away with the wheel-popup
as he tries to clear the log.

Ryan demonstrates how a little body shift and
a touch of front brake brings the rear end clear.

Dale lands the front tire and gets ready to unload the rear.

Mike clears the log, with Kyle coming behind.

Jim approaches the ramp on the
obstacle course.

Dale conrols perfectly on the balance

Kris rolls off the balance board and
heads for the logs.

Jolene tries her hand at it.

Mike goes for the big log.

Sally clears with her front tire.

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