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Team Photo Scrapbook 08
2008 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Showdown at Five Mile Pass  - May 3, 2008

The day started cold, but warmed nicely under a hazy sun. The trail was dry, with areas of deep dust to make things tricky. More than one UMB rider took a dive in the powder. We welcomed new riders to the team, increasing our strength in some important categories. Eric Ellis, Jim Jackson, Justin Griffin, Jay Griffin, and Todd Neumarker took 1st-place in their categories, with 2nd-place finishes by Kyle Jackson, Skyler Hancock, Derek Ransom, and Joshua Peterson.

Left:  The yellow-and-black of UMB mixes with the orange-and-blue of Revolution as the two powerhouse teams fight for every point.

Category 9-and-under:

Joshua Peterson leads the race coming
into the dip, but gets outflanked at the
finish. Still, a great 2nd place win!

Shawn Nielsen makes another strong
ride to get the 3rd place ribbon in
the 9-and-under racers.

Mandy Clark pedals in at 2nd place
among the girls and 9th overall for the

Category 10-12:
Left:  Brayden Nielsen climbs the dusty wall of
the wash as he grabs team points and a ribbon
with a nice 4th place finish in the 10-12 category.

Right:  Zachary Peterson stands up to fight
up the steep slope, finishing just behind
Brayden in 5th place.

Beginner 13-15:

Kyle Jackson powers up to the finish
line as he takes 2nd  place.

Jake Van Wagoner sprints across the
sage-covered flat to finish the loop in 5th.

In his first appearance with the UMB
team, Jaxon Hancock grabs 6th place.

Beginner 16-18:

Skyler Hancock hits the washbottom and
gets ready to climb to the finish line,
getting the 2nd-place finish in BM 16-18.

Lance Jarvis controls the skid in
the dust and powers up the wash
to get 4th place.

Coming right behind Lance is new team
rider Dylan Tanner, who blasts up a
cloud on the way to 5th.

Beginner 19-29:

Eric Ellis drops off the wall of the wash
as he posts an impressive 1st place win.

In his first race with UMB, Darren Stirland
pedals to a nice 4th place finish.

Andrew Youngkin climbs out of the wash and
eyeballs the finish, where 7th place awaits.

Left:  Ah, Yellow Page Hill. Nathan's smile
disguises the suffering of this most brutal
and long hike-a-bike.

Right:  Scott and Jake check their results on
the leaderboard.

Beginner 30-39:

Derek Ransom makes another great
race and nails 2nd place.

Dale Hutchings splashes through the
washbottom dust en route to 10th place.

Nathan Thayer drops into the wash
for 16th place in his first race for UMB.

Beginner 40-plus:

Jim Jackson puts the power on as he
nears the finish line and another 1st place.

Todd Jackson is back with a solid race
to the 3rd-place finish in BM 40+.

Scott Van Wagoner attacks the wash
and nails the 4th position.

Left:  Jason Sparks gets off the saddle to
attack the wall of the wash, finishing in
8th place.

Right:  Flying down the long downhill,
Scott Hunsaker
finishes his lap at 14th. 

Sport/Expert 13-15:
Left:  Justin Griffin passes the marking
flags on his second time through, taking
1st place for sport-expert 13-15.

Right:  Get low and push. Dan
leads a caravan of cliff-climbing bikers
as they struggle to get their bikes to
the top of Yellow Page Hill.

Sport/Expert 16-18:
Left:  Danny Van Wagoner makes another
solid performance to take 3rd place in
his category.

Right: Ryan (left) and Jared inspect the
wheel-truing rig in their new race team
t-shirts. The shirts are free to racers,
$3 to family and friends of racers.

Sport Women:
Left:  Catherine Reay overcomes early
washout and soldiers on to take 6th place
in Sport Women.

Right: Greg shoulders his burden and
jogs toward the top of the hill.

Sport Men 19-29:

Long-time racer Stephen Brown joins
UMB and flies to 4th place.

Also new with this race is Brian Terry,
who gets the 12th-place spot.

Ben Hutchings finishes his two big
laps in the 15th position.

Sport Men 30-34:
Left:  Dan Hutchings fishtails his way through
the dip and takes 13th in SM 30-34.

Right:  Waiting for the awards to start,
Ryan Allred can't resist getting a little
dust on his bike. Ooh, looking awesome!

Sport Men 35-39:
Left:  Denmark Jensen hits the top of the dip and
gets his crosshairs on the finish line and a 5th
place ribbon. Denmark lead a procession of four
strong UMB racers in a row.

Right:  Greg Meyers flies out of the wash with
the competition in pursuit. Greg gets the 6th
place spot.

Left:  Climbing up the dusty wall is
Darren Harris on the way to the 7th
place finish in the category.

Right:   Dan Broadbent drops in. Dan grabbed
the 8th spot in SM 35-39.

Sport Men 40-plus:

Left:  Jay Griffin cranks to add downhill
speed on the far side of the mountain,
taking an impressive 1st place.

Right:  Raising a cloud in the wash,
Brad Sneed
rides to a 19th-place finish.

Expert Men 30-39:
Left:  In the Expert 30-39 category, Todd Neumarker
nails a solid 1st-place win after 3 big laps and 33 miles.

Right: Mike Engberson round the corner and heads
out of the dip, finishing 12th.

Women 35-plus:

Jolene Nosack takes the 4th place
spot in women 35-plus.

Sprinting to the finish line in 7th place,
Kendra Clark
seems happy to be almost done.

Sally Hutchings heads down the
long wash on the way to 13th place.

Men 50-plus:
Left:  John Van Wagoner drops into the dip
on his first of two big laps, finishing in 7th
place in the Men 50+ group.

Right:  Cranking up through the loose
dust, Stan Larrabee gets the 8th-place

Expert Men 19-29:   Beginner Women:    Expert Men 40-plus:    Clydesdale:      Singlespeed:    Men 57+
           The UMB race team had no riders in these categories at this race.
This race showed the value of depth to our team. Some great riders couldn't make it to this race, and other great riders stepped up to produce the team points and get on the podium. The UMB team again bested Revolution to increase our lead toward the season championship.

Thanks to Jared Ferguson and Ryan Allred for their valuable help. In addition to Jared's photos, some of the above pics are courtesy of Jim Jackson, Sally Hutchings, Dale Hutchings, Kendra Clark, and Bruce Argyle.

More race photos available at

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