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Team Photo Scrapbook 07
2007 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Hammerfest at the Hollow
Soldier Hollow
  -  May 19, 2007

It was a warm and sunny day at Soldier Hollow as the UMB team took to the slopes. A great day for racing, and a great performance by the team, as we racked up 6 first-place finishes (Justin Griffin, Carlee Hunsaker, Danny Van Wagoner, Jordan Peterson, Dave Larsen, Mike Engberson) and 5 second-place finishes (Jake Van Wagoner, Casey Jensen, Todd Jackson, Kellie Williams, Bruce Argyle).

(Photo: Amber Hatfield, Sport Women)

Category 10-12:

Justin Griffin continues total dominance
of the 10-12 category as he takes another
1st place. Here Justin is climbing away from
the valley in the first of his two races.

Carlee Hunsaker, with dad Scott giving
encouragement, takes first place among
the girls in 10-12, securing a team point
with 6th place overall.

Beginner Men 13-15:
Jake Van Wagoner whips a singletrack corner at high speed,
riding to an impressive 2nd place in his first start for the
UMB team. Great job! Hope to see a lot more of Jake
this year in BM 13-15.
Beginner Men 16-18:
Left:  Look Mom, no wheels! Jordan Petersen
takes a couple of feet of air as he rockets
to another 1st place in BM 16-18.

Right:  Colin Hunsaker cranks up the
slope looking strong as he takes 3rd place.

Beginner Men 19-29:
Left:  Big air!  Casey Jensen is back with the
UMB team with a solid 2nd-place finish in 
the BM 19-29 category.

Right:  Mark Ludwig cranks to increase
speed on the downhill singletrack.
Mark moves up in a big way with a
3rd place finish.

Beginner Men 30-39:
Left:  Stephen Bergen leans into the turn
to hit a tight corner on his way to 3rd place
in BM 30-39.

Right:  Dale Hutchings cranks up and over
the hill as he rides to 8th place.

Beginner Men 40-plus:

Right:  Todd Jackson hits a downhill turn
and makes his first appearance as a UMB racer
count with a 2nd place finish in BM 40-plus.

Left:  Also making his first start with the
UMB team, Scott Van Wagoner is looking
strong as he grabs a team point with 7th.

Left:  Showing the kids that "old guys" can
do those awesome stunts too, Russ Margetts  
takes to the air on his way to 11th.

Right:  Scott Hunsaker gets low into
the wind as he rides to 15th place.

Beginner Women:  None of our Beginner Women made it to the race. Too bad, as it could have been a guaranteed ribbon. Incredibly, only 3 of the 5 BW racers who came to Soldier Hollow finished the race -- must be something about that climb to the top of the mountain and back. 
Sport-Expert 13-15:
Left:  Are we an awesome team or what?
Danny Van Wagoner descends toward
planet earth as he grabs a 1st place
victory in SE 13-15.

Right:  Justin Griffin, in his 2nd ride of 
the day, heads to 5th place. Ever seen
a 10 year-old do this in a race before?.

Sport/Expert 16-18:

Left:  Dave Larsen gets down out of the
wind to gain speed on a blazing downhill,
hustling to 1st place in SE 16-18.

Right:  Kellie Williams fights her way
to the 2nd place finish. Couldn't help but
notice the muscles -- this is one tough
young lady!

Sport Men 19-29:

Tyler Margetts fights through to take
the 3rd place in SM 19-29.

Ben Hutchings looks into the next corner
on the singletrack downhill, riding to 5th.

Eric Taylor deals with a broken chain
(twice), then swap bikes to take 10th.

Sport Men 30-34:
Left:  In his first start for the UMB team,
Jared Evans
races to take 9th in the
SM 30-34 category.

Right:  Dan Hutchings absorbs the hit as
he comes down from a jump, on his way
to 10th place.

Sport Men 35-39:
Left:  Mike Engberson launches off
the lip as he fights his way through to
take the 1st place in SM 35-39.

Right:  Denmark Jensen cranks hard uphill
through the trees and brush to score team
points with a 6th place finish.

Sport Men 40-plus: Sport Women:
Left:  John Van Wagoner works hard in the big tough
SM 40-plus division, taking the 9th place for this

Right:  Amber Hatfield catches her breath as she
flies downhill on her way to 8th place in
Sport Women.

Clydesdale: Singlespeed:
Left:  Evan Christensen lands the jump as he
scores the 6th place in Clydesdale.

Right:  Brian Oliver cranks for speed as he hits
the corner on the way to a 5th in Singlespeed.

Men 50-plus:  Lynn Stephens is out with an injury. Here's hoping for a quick recovery!
Women 35-plus: Men 57-plus:
Left:  Sally Hutchings pedals hard over
the hill on the way to 9th place in Women
35-plus. Sally was the only 35+ to make
this race.

Right:  In the Men 57-plus division, 
Bruce Argyle
gets low into the wind
as he rides to another 2nd place finish.

At the Hammerfest at the Hollow, 29 UMB racers combined for 101 team points. (That's a season-high average of 3.45 points per racer.) We won the team competition for the second week in a row. The team is looking strong. Nice work!  Thanks once again to Jay Griffin for nabbing our race photos! Thanks to the Hunsakers for providing team support with the hydration station!

Left:  Having finished her race, Carlee helps the older racers with water and bottles for the second lap.

Downloadable high-res photos of the UMB team at Soldier Hollow: 

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