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Team Photo Scrapbook 07
2007 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Season-end Party 2007

The UMB Intermountain Cup race team got together at Bruce's house on November 9 for the end-of-season get-together. Including family members, there were about 40 attending. On the menu was BBQ beef.

Bruce conducted the season wrapup. 57 racers rode for UMB during the season. Some raced once; some hit every race. At season end, it was Revolution 1060, UMB 948, Mad Dog 705. Every racer attending received a memento 8x10 with action photos of 57 racers.

UMB won the IMBA trailwork trophy for 2007 with 132.5 hours. We were the only team to get the full 100 points credit for trailwork. Bruce read a list of those who'd contributed work-hours to Utah's trails.

This year, we put more riders on the season podium than ever. Those who took season honors received an action photo of themselves with the UMB logo.
1st place: Justin Griffin, Danny Van Wagoner, Kellie Williams
2nd place: Ben Hutchings, Dave Larsen, Bruce Argyle
3rd place: Jolene Nosack, Mike Engberson

Jay Griffin was given a special award. Jay took racer photos at every event. He helped Justin do 20 races. Jay will be a "team booster" member on the UMB team guidance committee for 2008.

We had several injuries this season that sent racers to the hospital. The "Adversity Award" was given to Lynn Stephens, who spent the most time in the hospital, with the most life-threatening injuries, and returned to race again in the season finale.

"Workhorse Awards" were given to Ben Hutchings, Sally Hutchings, Bruce Argyle for scoring points in all 12 races. Dan Hutchings also hit all 12 races. Honorable mention went to Jolene Nosack, Kellie Williams, and Mike Engberson for completing 11 of 12 races this season. As for Justin, we'll get to that...

Bruce reviewed the plans for next season. We'll again sponsor the Frozen Hog (February 2, 2008). To give the team structure, a UMB Racers Bible lays everything out. There will be different classifications for team members (such Novice, Active, Veteran, Booster) based on involvement, with benefits determined by a racer's classification. Team members are invited to become more involved with running the team and leading team activities, such as training rides. A season raffle will reward racers for racing more, completing volunteer trailwork, and winning team points.
UMB 2007 Racer of the Year is Justin Griffin. Justin raced 20 times in the 12 events. For example, at Snowbird Justin raced one lap as a 10-12, then saddled up again to ride three more laps as a Sport/Expert 13-15. He took 1st place in all 11 races where he rode as a 10-12, taking 1st for the season. He won team points in all of his 13-15 races, finishing 4th in that category. He personally won 116 of UMB's 948 season points. Justin was selected as Cycling Utah's "Noteable Performance of the Year." With his good attitude, consistent effort, and sportsmanship, UMB is honored to have Justin on our team.

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