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Team Photo Scrapbook 07
2007 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

and other regional races

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Race at Sherwood
Logan  -  July 7, 2007

Beautiful aspen, fir, maple trees. Ferns and grassy meadows. Twisting singletrack heading up and down in the trees. Yes, it was hot and dusty. But this was a challenging race in a pretty setting -- and even fun, in retrospect, after the suffering was over. Only a small core contingent of the UMB team made it to Sherwood Hills south of Logan for the 9th race of the season. First place finishes were won by Justin Griffin, Carlee Hunsaker, and Kellie Williams, with one second-place by Bruce.

Photo:  9 a.m... As the sun peeks through the maples,
Sally and Jolene battle for position on the shakeout loop.
Go ladies!

Category 10-12:

Left:  Justin Griffin pushes the pedals as he
blasts around the small loop to take another
1st place in 10-12. Justin is now 9-for-9.

Right: Top lady finisher in 10-12 is again
 Carlee Hunsaker, riding to 6th overall in
10-12, as she stands to attack the slope.

Beginner Women:   No team rider at Logan.     Beginner Men 13-15: Nobody.   Beginner Men 19-29: No UMB racer...
Beginner Men 16-18:
Left:  Colin Hunsaker fires through the
trees of Sherwood Hills on the way to a
3rd place finish in BM 16-18. Good ride,

A last twisting sprint through the woods to
reach the finish line... In this case, it's Mikey.

Beginner Men 30-39: Beginner Men 40-plus:
Left:  In the larger groups, walls of dust
became a factor on the lungs and eyes.
Here Dale Hutchings flies out of the brown
cloud as he cranks to 13th place in BM 30-39.

Right: Scott Hunsaker attacks a hill in the
maples, grabbing a team point with his
7th place finish in BM 40-plus

Sport-Expert 13-15: Sport/Expert 16-18:
Left:  Keeping low and cranking hard,
Justin Griffin makes his second race of
the day count with a 3rd place in SE 13-15.
Justin won 1/4 of UMB's points all by

Right:  Kellie Williams makes another great
ride to take the blue ribbon in SE 16-18 with
the 1st place finish. Go Kellie!

Sport Men 19-29:

Ben Hutchings swings from the meadow
into the trees, finishing in 7th place.

Face blackened with Sherwood dirt, 
Eric Taylor
heads for 8th in SM 19-29

Casey Jensen is off-trail to catch
some air, in the non-jumping sense.

Sport Men 30-34:
Left:  Pushing hard in the deep woods,
Dan Hutchings makes his three big laps
to take 12th place in SM 30-34.

Right:  Down from Idaho for the Sherwood
race, Matt Flygare muscles his way to
the 13th position in this big category.

Sport Men 35-39:   No riders this week!   Sport Men 40-plus:  No riders in this category at Logan...
Sport Women: Expert Men 19-29:
Left:  Out of the saddle to get speed up
the hill, Amber Hatfield powers to the 
5th place finish in Sport Women.

Right:  Yes, the category is "Expert Men 19-29."
And Dave Larsen isn't anywhere near 19 years
old. But after arriving late for his race, Dave
hits the trail and fights the big dogs to take
a 5th place finish in Expert Men 19-29.

Expert Men 30-39: Men 57-plus:
Left:  In his second start as an expert-level
rider, Mike Engberson does four laps and
gets the team point with a 7th place finish.
Covered in black dust, Mike is now just
100 yards away from the finish-line banner.

Right:  Bruce Argyle fights the heat with the
bare-shouldered look. Chain problems drop
Bruce out of contention for the win, but he
hangs in for 2nd place.

Women 35-plus:
Left:  Aspen, fir, and flowers form a pretty
backdrop as Jolene Nosack hustles to
the 5th place finish in Women 35-plus.

Right:  Sally Hutchings spins the pedals
towards a point for the team with a 7th-place

The twisting trail through the trees made this a great race. Despite the anticipation of hot 'n horrible riding, it was enjoyable, if a bit dusty. It was a bit disappointing that more UMB riders didn't get to ride here. This was our smallest turnout of the season with 17 racers. How about next week? Let's rock 'em at Snowbird! Remember: if other riders hate the race, we'll do that much better.

Thanks to Jay Griffin for making the big effort to take and process our the team photos! It's a lot of work, and much appreciated!
For additional (and higher res) photos of this race, go to
 (Jay) (Bruce, 1st and 3rd races)

Singlespeed:  No singlespeed UMB racer.  Clydesdale:   No team rider.     Men 50-plus:  Injured...

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