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Team Photo Scrapbook 07
2007 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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2007 Frozen Hog
Lambert Park, Alpine

The Frozen Hog is sponsored by UtahMountainBiking, but having plenty of volunteers, some of our team members get to race!

Left: Brandon Balkman rockets down the Middle Trail, with Rams Horn and Lone Peak in the background, taking 5th in Expert Men 40-plus.

Right: Amber Hatfield emerges from the woods on Lambert
Luge on the way to 6th place in Sport Women 30-plus.

Riding in Expert Men 18-29, Dave
fights to a 4th place finish.

Lynn Stephens cranks through the crisp
morning air to grab 8th in Men 50-plus.

Eric Taylor sprints from the start line
on the way to 6th in Sport Men 18-29.

Left:  Kellie Williams captures another blue ribbon for 1st place in Women 13-17.

Right:  Riding in Expert Men 30-39, Ed Warr takes 12th place.

See the official Frozen Hog Page for more info.

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