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Team Photo Scrapbook 07
2007 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

and other regional races

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Stan Crane Memorial XC Race
  -  May 28, 2007

Our team fielded 30 racers for the first-ever race on the new 10-mile Draper race loop. This new trail offered a taste of everything from lung-busting long climb to tricky bloody-your-legs technical descent. The weather was a little fickle with spotty clouds and occasional breezes, but the temperature stayed nice. The UMB team saw 3 first place finishes by Justin Griffin, Carlee Hunsaker, and Dave Larsen, and 3 second-places by Mike Engberson, Catherine Reay, and Bruce Argyle.

(Photo: Mike Engberson, Sport Men 35-39.)

Category 10-12:

Left: Once again, Justin Griffin is at the
front of the 10-12 pack as he spins up the
climbing turns on the Lower Corner
Canyon trail, the uphill limb of the 10-12
race loop. Justin seems to own that 1st
place spot.

Colin Van Wagoner finished 5th, but he
wasn't in a UMB jersey so we didn't get a pic.
Good work, Colin!

Right: Carlee Hunsaker rockets down the
Creek View trail, the downhill portion
of the 10-12 loop, on her way to the
1st-place girls' finish and 10th overall.

Beginner Men 13-15:
Left:  Jake Van Wagoner cranks uphill onto
South Mountain on the way to a 3rd place 
finish in BM 13-15.

Hangin' at the canopy, grabbing some
Gatorade and swapping war stories... 

Beginner Men 16-18:  UMB had no BM 16-18 riders at this race...
Beginner Men 19-29:

Anthony Cilluffo rolls downhill toward
8th place in his first UMB race.

Casey Jensen makes the trip south
to take the 9th place position.

Mark Ludwig rounds the corner on
the way to 10th in BM 19-29.

Beginner Men 30-39:

Stephen Bergen leans into the turn
on his way to 3rd place in BM 30-39.

Scott Reynolds flies downhill, grabbing
the 9th place finish.

Dale Hutchings climbs uphill as the
race gets underway, taking 13th place.

Beginner Men 40-plus:

Right:  On the home stretch, Brad Sneed carves
a hard turn in the sandy singletrack along
Highland Drive. In his first appearance as a
UMB racer Brad finishes 6th in BM 40-plus.

Left:  Scott Van Wagoner powers through
the brush on the way to the 10th place position.

Left:  Russ Margetts is off the saddle for some
downhill roughness on his way to 14th.

Right:  Matthew Greene is on the home stretch
as he heads past the golf course for 18th place. 

Beginner Women:   
Left:  Catherine Reay scores big in the BW class
with a podium finish at 2nd place. Here Catherine
is carving a turn about 8 miles into the race.
Catherine put some major holes in her legs
in a crash, but motored on strongly.

After the race, more tales of biking adventure
are exchanged near the leaderboard.

Sport-Expert 13-15:
Left:  Danny Van Wagoner heads downhill
on the Spring Hollow trail on the downside
of the loop. Danny holds off Justin to take
4th place in SE 13-15.

Right:  Finishing close on Danny's tire
is Justin Griffin. In his 2nd ride of 
the day Justin grabs 5th place.

Sport/Expert 16-18:

Left:  Dave Larsen makes another strong ride
in SE 16-18 to capture yet another 1st place
finish. Dave is in first place for the season in
his division.

Right:  Kellie Williams also gets a spot on
the podium with 3rd place, as she motors
through the sage on the lower mountain.

Sport Men 19-29:

Left:  Tyler Margetts cranks up Corner Canyon
on his way to 4th place in SM 19-29.

Right:  Ben Hutchings carves a hard turn as
he fights a big pack of riders to take 8th.

Sport Men 30-34:
Left:  Rich Bruin lets in the cooling breeze
on the blazing downhill as he races to take
11th in the SM 30-34 category.

Right:  Dan Hutchings covers the old injuries
and pedals his way to 20th place.

Sport Men 35-39:

Mike Engberson  makes another strong
showing with 2nd place in SM 35-39.

Denmark Jensen fights eastward
through the brush to take 13th.

Todd Neumarker starts strong, then
is a DNF with a broken chain.

Sport Men 40-plus:

John Van Wagoner cranks past the
homes in Corner Canyon to 10th place.

In this competitive division, Kris Nosack
grabs the 15th place position.

Dominic Bria carves a turn on the way
to finishing 23rd in SM 40+.

Sport Women:  UMB had no SW riders in this race.  Clydesdale:   No team rider.   Singlespeed:  No team rider.    Men 50-plus:  No team rider.
Women 35-plus:
Left:  Jolene Nosack pilots the 29er through
the brush to take 6th place in W35+.

Right:  Sally Hutchings seems to be enjoying her
race (or anticipating that it's almost over) as
she rides to the 9th place finish.

Men 57-plus:
Bruce Argyle heads uphill as the other old guys give chase, looking strong,
but once again having to settle for the 2nd-place spot.

This was a tough race, featuring a long climb, rolling technical "interval work," and spots of tricky technical descent. The high-speed flight down Clark's Trail was great fun before the challenges on the Bonneville Shoreline and Spring Hollow. Competition was tough, with huge numbers of racers turning out for this first-ever Memorial Day race. 30 UMB racers combined for 65 team points. We took second to Revolution for this race -- not unexpected, because this is Revolution's home turf and this race was their party. Nice work everybody, and keep riding strong!  A big "thank you" to Jay Griffin for the awesome race photos! We ARE good, but he makes us look even better.

High-res photos of the UMB team at Draper:

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