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Team Photo Scrapbook 06
2006 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

and other regional races

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Wolverine Ridge
North Slope Uinta Mountains, August 12, 2006
2006 Intermountain Cup Season Finale

UtahMountainBiking came out in force to Wolverine Ridge, determined to win the season championship. We generated the highest point production ever under the new scoring system, 103 points. In this double-points race, that's 206. There was blood on more than one UMB rider (but only one broken bone), as every rider gave their best and got across the finish line.

Left to right:  Sally Hutchings, Ben Hutchings, Jay Griffin, Justin Griffin, and Dan Hutchings.

Justin Griffin once again takes 1st
place in the 10-12 category. Going right
back onto the trail, a crash held Justin to
8th place in Sport Men 13-15.

Dan Hutchings sprints out from the
starting gate in a mob of Beginner 
Men 19-29. Dan grabbed a 2nd 
place finish.

Dave Larsen moves up to Expert class
for this race. Riding a long 28 miles, he
took 1st in Expert Men 16-18, becoming
tops in points for two categories!

Left:  Matt Flygare charges out in 
the biggest category of the race (Sport
Men 30-39) on the way to a 10th
place finish.

Right: Scott Hunsaker cranks through
the trees as he nears the finish line
for a 7th-place finish in Beginner 
Men 30-39.

Kris Nosack rides away from the start
area toward the long climb, finishing
5th in Beginner Men 40-plus.

Sally Hutchings bursts out of the
forest onto the flat, taking 6th
in Women 35-plus.

Kellie Williams crosses the finish
line in 3rd after 21 miles of
"Battle the Beast" in Sport 16-18.

Left:  John VanWagoner breaks away
from the crowd on the way to 1st place
in Beginner Men 40-plus.

Right:  Jolene Nosack zips thankfully
over the finish line, capturing the
2nd-place finish in Women 35-plus.

Julie Hunter heads out in Women
35-plus, finishing in 7th place.

Jordan Petersen rockets over the
finish line 1st in Beginner Men 16-18.

Eric Taylor cranks his way to the
2nd place in Sport Men 16-18.

Chad Hunter adds a derailleur to ride
Beginner Men 30-39, taking 4th.

Danny VanWagoner takes a 1st place
in Beginner Men 13-15.

Vincent Bria finishes the long ride
to take 3rd in Beginner Men 13-15.

Left:  Bruce Argyle sprints out toward
21 long miles in Men 50-plus, taking
6th place.

Right:  Dan Lund rides to a
12th-place finish in the 10-12 class.

Casey Jensen rides to a 3rd-place in
Beginner Men 16-18.

Mike Engberson battles a bent chain
and a crash to finish 7th in Sport Men 30-39.

Ben Hutchings enters the finish area as
the 4th-place finisher in Sport Men 19-29.

Unbeatable Dallin Searle takes a
1st-place in 9-and-under.

Audrey Searle follows her twin
to a 2nd-place finish in 9-and-under.

Carlee Hunsaker gets the 2nd-place
position in 10-12.

2006 Intermountain Cup award ceremony
Evanston, Wyoming

As the season began, who would have thought that UtahMountainBiking, the team known for "family values," would take the championship?  A lot of dedication, sacrificed weekends, and hard riding made it happen.

Dave Larsen takes 1st place for the 
season in Sport Men 16-18. By winning
Wolverine as an expert rider, he also had
top points in Expert Men 16-18.

Kellie Williams (far left) is the 2nd
place racer for the season in Sport 16-18.

Mike Engberson (at left in photo
on the right) nailed 2nd place for
the season in Sport Men 30-39. 

Dallin Searle finishes the season with the championship in 9-and-under. Dallin finished first place in every race he attended.

Audrey Searle was the 1st place female 9-and-under for the season. When Audrey raced, only Dallin could beat her. 

Jolene Nosack wins the 2nd-place position
for the season in Women 35-plus.

Justin Griffin dominated the 10-12 category
to overwhelmingly capture 1st place for the
2006 season.  2006 Season Champions

We're now a little stronger and a little faster. Some of us have moved up to new, harder categories. We have the right to be a little proud of ourselves. It was a great season.

Racer's 2006 Championship Pictures

Thanks to Mei-dai Griffin and Diane Argyle for racer photos!

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