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Team Photo Scrapbook 06
2006 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

and other regional races

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Point Blank
Thanksgiving Point, May 27, 2006

The team fielded 23 racers for the Point Blank race at Thanksgiving Point. Once again, for the second week in a row, we broke our record for racers on-course, and set a new high for team point production! During the race, it was cold and windy, but tolerable. Mother Nature got unpleasant during the award ceremony, which was downright freezing. 

In the photo at left, the 9-and-under and 10-12 racers line up.

At left, Travis Millward (Beginner Men 
19-29) carves a turn with Mount 
Timpanogos in the background.
Travis took 5th place.

Dallin Searle, right, nails another
1st-place in 9-and-under.

Audrey Searle, left, rides to a 
second-place finish in 9-and-under.

Ben Hutchings grabs a team point with
his 7th-place finish in Sport Men 19-29.

In singlespeed, Chad Hunter rides 
under the big sign (reading 55 degrees) 
on his way to 10th place.

Eric Taylor motors through the
winding race course, riding to 
1st place in Beginner Men 16-18.

Dan Hutchings fights into the wind
as he rides to #8 in Beginner Men 19-29.

Justin Griffin tallies another 
1st-place finish in 10-12 with his 
performance at Point Blank.

Danny Van Wagoner grabs another
1st-place finish for the team in 
Beginner Men 13-15.

Jolene Nosack gets a promising start,
then DNF's with a non-fixable flat tire.

Sally Hutchings seems to be having a
good time as she rides to 7th place
in Women 35-plus.

Julie Hunter learns the joys of passing
other riders on her way to 5th place
in Women 35-plus.

Dominic Bria (left) turns away from 
the wind as he races to a 5th-place 
finish in Beginner Men 40-plus.

Josh Hutchings (right) makes his 
racing debut for the UMB team 
with 18th-place in 10-12.

Also making his first appearance for the
team is Lynn Stephens, capturing 7th in
Men 50-plus.

Suzie Bria chases her sister Julie
as she nails down 6th in
Women 35-plus.

Matt Flygare fights through a turn 
into the vicious wind, claiming
11th in Sport Men 30-39.

Kris Nosack (left) gives another 
strong performance to take 2nd 
place in Beginner Men 40-plus.

Kellie Williams (right) makes a 
great ride and shocks the boys by 
taking 1st place in Sport Men 16-18.

Rachel Hutchings (left), in her first 
UMB race, takes 15th place in 10-12.

At right, Mike Engberson lowers his 
head into the wind as he fights his 
way to 6th place in Sport Men 30-39.

In this race, the UtahMountainBiking team posted five 1st-place finishes and two 2nd-place finishes. Team members combined for 72 points (after one point was dropped due to three top-seven finishers in a single category. An incredible 17 riders scored team points! We missed getting photos of David Wilde (3rd place, Beginner Men 19-29), and Sammy Bria (17th place, 10-12).

Thanks to Jay Griffin for our racer photos! (Some photos also by Kris Nosack and Bruce.) 

At right, Bruce flattens against the bike frame to maintain 
speed into the wind, finishing at 3rd place in Men 50-plus.

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