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Team Photo Scrapbook 06
2006 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

and other regional races

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June 3, 2006

Left:  Dave Larsen takes 1st place
in Sport Men 16-18. Do we smell
a season championship here?

Right:  Mike Engberson fights to a 
1st-place ribbon in Sport Men 30-39.

June 3rd was a beautiful day in the North Fork of Provo Canyon, with pleasant temperatures and sunny skies. The team dominated the competition at the 2nd annual Sundance Spin with six 1st-place finishes, three 2nd-places, and three 3rd-places. Despite fewer total riders than last week, once again we set a new record for team points as we solidified our hold on 2nd place in the team competition and gained ground on the 1st place team. Incredible effort; impressive riding! Two team members missed being in our pictures: Todd Neumarker, new to the UMB team, took 11th place in Sport Men 30-39. Kellie Williams left the race site to go to the hospital with a kidney stone. Get well fast, Kellie! And thanks to Jay Griffin for the Sundance Spin photos. Either we're looking more awesome every week, or Jay is becoming a real pro with that camera... Probably both.

Matt Flygare powers through a turn
to finish 22nd in Sport Men 30-39.

Danny Van Wagoner takes 3rd
place in Beginner Men 13-15.

Kris Nosack grabs a 3rd-place for
the team in Beginner Men 40-plus.

Aaron Smith makes his UMB team
debut in a big way, as he takes 1st in
Beginner Men 30-39.
Eric Taylor keeps snagging the ribbons
as he rides to a 2nd-place finish in
Beginner Men 16-18.

With Timpanogos in the background,
Lynn Stephens fights back from a 
broken chain to 9th in Men 50-plus.

LeftCasey Jensen powers his way
to another 1st-place finish in Beginner
Men 16-18. (That's Kris chasing him.)

Right: Dallin Searle takes yet another
1st-place, riding in the 9-and-under
category. Dallin looks like a "lock" for
season champion in this category.

Tyler Margetts makes a strong ride
to nail down 2nd place in Beginner
Men 19-29.

Enjoying the scenery, Bruce
drags himself over the line at 8th
place in Men 50-plus.

Audrey Searle, here temporarily ahead
of her brother, piles up the points with
2nd place in 9-and-under.

Left:  Justin Griffin beats all comers
to take another 1st place in 10-12.
One of the youngest riders in the
category, Justin is well on the way
to another season championship.

Right:  Jolene Nosack makes a strong
ride to take 3rd place in women 35-plus.

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