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Css Menu Javascript by v4.3.0 Team Members at the 1st Mount Ogden 50K Race

The race begins just behind the Snowbasin lodges. Each lap is 16.2 miles with 2800 vertical feet of climbing per lap. Two laps = 50 kilometers.

The doubletrack shakeout ends on singletrack heading east a couple of miles, then back across the resort before plunging all the way downhill to Art Nord trailhead.

It was hazy, a bit humid, and already warm when the race started at 9 am. Then the sun made things toasty. Joel and Ryan head up the doubletrack with the relay racers.

Bruce gets a chance to stand on the top of the podium with relay-mate Joel. A lot of swag was raffled away, including a tandem bicycle.
UMB racer times, in order of finish:
Jason Sparks had the fastest time of any UMB rider, finishing 7th in the Men 36-42 category with 3:27:33. Next over the line was the Joel Quinn and Bruce Argyle relay team, taking 1st place with their 3:28:58 finish. Jeff Kingsford also got Top-10 with 3:38:21, good for 10th place in the Amateur Men 43-plus group.
Darren Harris is the next finisher
with a time of 3:48:30.
Gary Wekluk finishes with a two-lap time of 3:52:34. Dan Hutchings has a time of 4:09:50 for the race.
Brayden Nielsen is the lead rider of the Brayden/Zach relay team. Zachary Peterson does the second lap. (No action photo. Photographer racing.) Brayden and Zach combine for 4:17:12 and get honorary medals for their effort.

Great job, team!

Corbin Young gets the next finish with a time of 4:19:58. Corbin was honored for his enthusiastic promotion of the race. Ryan Nielsen blazes as lead relay rider, 2nd into the timing-chip swap area. But the final number for his team is 4:32:23.