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Frozen Hog 2012
Lambert Park, Alpine
Saturday, January 28, 2012

After a few years of heavy run-your-bike snow, the 2012 Frozen Hog had only patchy snow. Much of the trail was dry and high-speed. Some shady areas had frozen puddles or slick hardpack to make the riding treacherous. was represented by three racers. Other team members, for example Jake Weber, served as volunteers.

Expert Men
Casey Zaugg, who rides Pro in the Intermountain Cup Series, takes 2nd place in the Expert Men category.

The race was started with a shakeout dash. Riders ran through the snow to grab their waiting bikes, then headed out into the race loop.

Casey is now powered by CocoNutz Fuel.

Ian Beaty moves from Sport to Expert for the 2012 season and nails down 11th place in this large and competitive group.

The race was held in Cyclocross fashion -- the number of laps to be ridden wasn't determined until the leaders had finished their first lap. Based on the time required for the first lap, a number of laps was calculated. Experts did 5 laps.

Click to see Ian's helmet-cam view of the race.

Sport Men
Paul Zimmerman races against the youngsters in the Sport Men category and takes 13th place.

Sport racers did a total of 3 laps.

Thanks to Todd Neumarker for these racer photos.

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