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Frozen Hog Race Route 2009

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Frozen Hog Route (subject to change depending on conditions!)
A. Staging at Bowery, start uphill on road and fork L. At NE corner of paved loop, continue on DT. Fork R at 1st DT fork, R again (downhill) at next DT.
B. As DT approaches paved loop above Bowery, pull left onto ST. Ride to Box Elder Drive.
C. Traffic control at Box Elder Drive, cross road then veer R at fork onto Spring connector. 
D. Fork L (south) to Middle Trail. Follow Middle trail south.
E. Stay on Middle Trail all the way to water tank road.
F. L uphill on water tank road 200 feet.
G. Fork R off the road onto Flank Trail.
H. As Flank crosses the 1st doubletrack, fork L uphill on the DT.
I. At the "T" intersection of DT, fork L and continue uphill to water tank.

J. As you reach the water tank, Expert and Sport classes split! Experts: fork R uphill on steep DT. Sports: fork L, then skirt the water tank to continue level north on DT.
K. (Experts only) At the highest point of the DT, fork L on Corkscrew.
L. (Experts only) As Corkscrew reaches an old DT, hook a hard left onto White Dog.
M. Experts cross DT to continue on White Dog. Sports veer left off the DT on White Dog as the trails rejoin. White Dog veers left onto upper Zag, heading south. Descend Zag.
N. At bottom of Zag, fork R onto Ziggy. Begin climbing uphill again.
O. Veer L onto ZPC (Ziggy-Poppy Connector).
P. Join Poppy heading north (keep straight). Head to Ruin Trail.
Q. Fork R off Ruin onto Luge Connector, then veer R uphill (north) when you reach Lambert Luge.
R. Keep R (north) as Lambert Luge joins Spring.
Back at (C). Back at fork. West (L) downhill for another lap. To finish, fork R uphill and cross Box Elder towards the Bowery. You'll veer off singletrack onto the Bowery road and finish on doubletrack at the Bowery. Course should be marked at least 2 weeks prior to race.

Distances:  Shakeout to Race Loop 0.5 miles. Sport Loop 3.2 miles. Expert Loop 3.7 miles. Loop to Finish Line 0.2 miles.
12-and-under race:  Scheduled on Shakeout loop, may be moved depending on snow conditions.