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Dec 22
Six weeks
Race Day
10 am, air temperature 18 degrees.
At the south end, six inches of fresh powder.
Riding not easy, but not too tough either..
This is Flank, and I'm the first one here today
(if you don't count the deer).
North end and upper mountain varies from
six to 10 inches of powder over a deeper frozen
granular base of 3-4 inches. Some drifts near
the trees. For expert snow riders only.
More snow expected tomorrow.

Jan 13
Three weeks
Race Day
Plenty of recent storms, with a break
in the weather today. Snow on the
south end about 12 inches, and you can
barely see where the trail goes.
At the north end, about 14 to 16 inches.
Heavy with layers, impossible to get
a bicycle moving. Wait until next
weekend to consider trying out the trail.
Jan 18
4 more inches of snow overnight. North end
absolutely too deep and soft to ride.
Shovel and foot-stomping entire loop.
Marking flags and signs.

South end (Middle trail, Zag, and
White Dog) have been tromped to mark
trail. Many spots can be ridden by good 
snow-riders downhill. More snow Sunday...
Jan 19
Entire race loop compacted with
boot-stomping, and a couple of
passes with snowshoes.
Thanks to several trail stompers!
Jan 23
Entire trail compacted with snowshoes
on Saturday -- then we get another
12 inches of new snow on Monday.
Broke trail, repaired markings. 
On the south end, deer trails intersect
the race loop. Hard to follow if you
aren't a Lambert regular. Temperature
3 degrees F at sunrise, 23 mid-day.
Jan 24
Some packing done by boot-stomping
all singletrack trails of race route.
This is the Middle Trail near the south end.
Boot-stomped central riding lane of trail.
Middle Trail, looking north toward turn
from Spring Connector (at trail-post).
More snow expected tonight.
Plan big trail-prep day on Saturday.
Jan 26
View of Poppy as the doubletrack of the
second climb turns northbound onto singletrack.
Snow compacted to a width of 3 to 5 feet
over entire course today.
Thanks to today's trail stompers!
View south on Middle Trail. Width here
almost 4 feet after today's trail work.
Tomorrow's forecast is rain turning to
snow -- which should make the trail solid
after we tromp it down. 
Jan 27
Temperature 45 degrees under cloudy
skies. Trail still frozen hard, able to
ride all except upper part of Expert add-on.
Looking east on Spring.
Test ride, packed parking lot.
The trail is currently wide enough in
most spots for an easy "pull-over" and
restart to allow passing. In other spots
it's wide enough for two riders, if they
don't bobble around. Looking west.
Jan 28
Vicious blowing snow with drifts.
Somewhere under there is a
well-packed trail, and tomorrow
we're heading out with snowshoes
and shovels to find it.

If you want to pre-ride tomorrow,
be my guest. You're not going
to enjoy the ride, but it will help
pack the trail.

Jan 29

Morning ride with powder on top of frozen
base. A bit tricky, but able to ride
all the singletrack of the race loop.
Cleared drifts and compacted trail in afternoon.
Morning view up the doubletrack climb
from Flank Trail. Despite steepness, it
wasn't hard to climb. Traction 
was surprisingly good!
Jan 30

OK, this isn't funny any more.
Over a foot of new snow, huge drifts.

No pics taken today - no time.
Spent 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
shoveling and stomping.

After trailwork:
Estimate about 2/3 of trail now bike-able.
Still need to finish clearing shakeout loop.
Forecast = more snow.
Want to help with prep Thursday or Friday?
Cell 592-0099

Jan 31
The trail is ready to race!
Several pre-riders passed us (riding)
as we were working on the race loop.
Spent 7 hours working on Middle,
Lambert Luge, Spring, Ruin.

Now, if tonight's storm is not too cruel...
Feb 1
8 to 10 inches of new snow. Shoveling
trail since 7:30 am; bikes have already
been around the loop today.
3 pm, trail 100% clear!
The trail should be absolutely GREAT
for the race tomorrow.
Trail WILL BE OPEN to pre-riding
this (Friday) afternoon!

Feb 2
We still have room for more racers.
If you missed the pre-registration online,
Come to Lambert Park at 8 am
and we'll get you ready to RACE!