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More Frozen Hog 2007 Photos    (Email your photos to Bruce, and we'll stick them here...)

Racers get their bikes ready and check out the shakeout loop. The banner was the start and finish line. Just keep moving and you won't freeze. Bruce gives a pre-race announcement. Behind him to the right, racers are still checking in at the Lambert Park pavilion, wrapped in plastic with a propane heater to keep things toasty.

Racers at the starting line. It's 16 degrees.

Waiting for our turn to go...

And they're off...

Bruce, Richard, and Mike get ready for the racers' return.

A racer zips into the finish area while Dominic Bria waits to grab the race tag for the judges. Wow, what a beautiful day! Steve Winters gets ready to grab the next racer's tag, while Richard Williams calls finishing times, to be recorded by Mike Both and Ben Hutchings.

Diane and Kristen get ready to shoot
video as the racers line up.

Here's Heather Hemingway Hales
heading to the main loop.

Ryan Miller announces the Park City Icebike race, while Matt readies the raffle.

Here Kristen models the latest in fashion,
the exclusive Frozen Hog t-shirt.
Made of heavy 100% cotton fabric,
this high-quality garment doesn't just say
"I have style, looks, and a body to die for."
No, it also sends an important message.
This shirt proclaims, "I rode the Hog,
which means I'm tougher than you are.
And, I'm probably just a little bit crazy.
So don't mess with me!" 

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