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Frozen Hog 2007 - Race Route
Saturday February 3, 2007

Route if snow-covered and/or frozen solid:
A. Staging on uphill-facing DT at the Bowery, start uphill. Do a couple of laps around the short shakeout DT to spread the riders out. (Purple on map is paved.)
B. At the top of the DT shakeout, pull left onto ST and drop down to cross Box Elder Drive.
C. Traffic control at Box Elder Drive, cross road then veer right at fork. (Option: take DT down to Middle Trail if Spring Connector is snowbound or muddy.)
D. Continue west on Spring connector to Middle Trail.
E. Turn left (south) on Middle.
F. As Middle Trail reaches water tank road, depending on snow conditions either go uphill to Flank (H) or go straight south on road (G).
G. If on road, turn uphill on DT at far south end of Lambert Park.
H. If on Flank, go to first DT crossing trail after top of hill.
I. Uphill on DT and turn north.
J. Pass below water tank, continue north.
K. Left on Corkscrew where it crosses DT.
L. Rapid left on Ziggy heading downhill.
M. Right on Ruin at bottom of Ziggy.
N. Right on Lambertís Luge.
O. Keep right (donít enter DH portion of Luge) and continue north.
P. Keep right as Luge reaches Spring.
D. Back at fork. West downhill for another lap, East uphill and cross Box Elder to finish.
Bowery -  Finish line on doubletrack. Course should be marked 2 weeks prior to race.
NOTICE! Friday Feb 2 at 3 pm, the race loop will be closed to further riding, while we smooth the trail in preparation for the race.
Mud Route:
A. Staging on uphill-facing DT just east of Bowery, start uphill. B. Loop around DT, back down past Bowery DT to Box Elder. C. Traffic control at Box Elder Drive, go 50 feet up road to doubletrack and head downhill. M-1. As DT reaches High Bench Road, go left (south). M-2. Continue south on road to end of Lambert Park. [Alternate: turn uphill at M-6 (doubletrack crossing) for clockwise loop. Go uphill until just 100 feet before pavement, then turn R on singletrack. Keep straight and slightly L uphill when ST splits!]  M-3. At far south end, go left uphill on DT. Stay on DT past northern Ziggy intersection. M-4. DT fades at this point, ST continues 200 feet to road. M-5. Turn left downhill on DT and continue to High Bench. M-6. At Road, turn left (south) for lap or turn right to finish (retrace path up road and DT to Bowery). [OPTION: Counterclockwise laps! Instead of going all the way south, the trail will turn uphill at M-6 and climb to the top, then descend south past the water tank to the south end of Lambert Park.]

12-and-under: Depends on snow/mud conditions. Most likely, we'll send them up around the DT shakeout loop, downhill on the singletrack to just before Box Elder Drive, then back up the road past the Pavilion. Expect about two laps.