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Frozen Hog
Getting ready for the crazy race...

For a comparison, see the Lambo-Cam 2006 page...

Jan 27
Jan 27. Haze. Some ice, frozen mud spots.
Course frozen hard until about 11 am. 
Some frozen ruts on south end, a few ice patches.
The course is marked with flags. 90% snowpack.
Looking north at the end of the
main race loop. On southern-facing slopes,
snow has melted away. Pre-riders are encouraged
to ride in the morning while the trail is frozen!

Jan 28
Jan 28.  Sun with haze. Multiple melted spots
yesterday, with afternoon bike traffic putting
mud on top of hard-pack snow. 70% snowpack.
Photo on Spring Connector.
Most of trail no longer "soft" hardpack -- it's
a firm and fast riding surface. Quite
a bit of rutting from afternoon riders yesterday!
Photo on Spring Trail near Lambert Luge.
Jan 29
Jan 29. Bright sun in early morning, most of
the inversion is sitting south of Lambert Park.
South-end trails melted off in all sun-exposed areas.
This photo is just south of the Bowery Pavilion.
Most of the north end is hard-pack with a
few icy spots and multiple small areas of
exposed mud. Trailside snow compacting...
This shot is from Lambert's Luge.

Jan 30. Snow retreating rapidly on sun-exposed
trail. Only about 50% of trail has snow-cover.
Plenty of ice patches. South end snow going fast.
This photo is on Middle Trail, half-way down. says there may be snow showers
 (30% chance) today. Hope that's true! We could
use a little bit more snow on these trails!
Photo shows Middle Trail near southern end.
Jan 31

Jan 31.  A light skiff of snow makes things
more winter-like. A bit more snow expected
in next the 24 hours. Looking good for the race...

There are quite a few ruts, but we're looking
to smooth them out with snow (or feet)
by raceday. Photos from Middle Trail.

Feb 1
Feb 1. 1 to 2 inches of new snow.
Another 2 inches expected tonight!
Looks pretty, but with places to pass.
Photo from Middle Trail.
Not as smooth as it looks because
of ruts under the snow.
We'll pack it tomorrow.
Photo from Spring Trail.
Feb 2
Looking south on Spring, it's a winter
wonderland for the racers pre-riding
this morning. We're doing our final
race markings today -- see photo at right.
Morning pre-riding only, please!
Trail mud melting time estimate = 12:30
Trail will BE CLOSED to pre-riding
this afternoon while we smooth ruts!

Feb 3

Kristen models the 2007 Frozen Hog t-shirt.