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Frozen Hog 2006
Photo Gallery

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9 am. Racers at the starting line. There were 13 different race groups, the largest being Sport Men
30-39 with 17 competitors. There were 93 racers on-course.  Photo by Joaquim Hailer.

Riders head to the pre-race briefing. The Bowery,
wrapped in plastic for warmth, is in the background.
Photo by Matt Flygare.

A look at the Frozen Hog finish area. The race hasn't
started yet, as riders are still checking in.
Photo by Matt Flygare.

Kris Nosack heads for the finish line, with the
"do" still intact. Photo by Matt Flygare.

Hanging around the fire while the racers get sweaty.
That's Amberlee Buckner, who reported the race for
the Lone Peak Press/Daily Herald.

Jolene Nosack heads for the finish line.
Photo by Kris Nosack.

Jolene and Kris near the Bowery before
the race (their smiles will be bigger afterward).

While 12 members of the race team worked as volunteers at the Frozen Hog, Kellie Williams raced to a first-place in Women 13-17. Photo by Joaquim Hailer.
Kevin Lawrence (#52) and Jim Jackson finish their laps and make the final sprint up to the finish line. 53 minutes racing through the snow, and we're down to a couple of seconds...

Sarah Sutherland, winner of the 30-plus Expert Women division, crosses the finish line.
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