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25 Hours of Frog Hollow
Report by Jake Weber, photos from Joel Quinn

The 25 Hours of Frog Hollow was a locally organized event held for the first time this year. Set on a bluff overlooking Virgin and Hurricane, the scenery was ideal and iconic of the trails in the area. Arriving on Friday morning we were suprised to see we were the very first competitors there. We quickly set up camp and headed off for our pre-ride. The first two miles of the course are all fireroad and riverbed road riding. It then moves into some dusty singletrack and then back to fireroad. 
The entire first 5.3 miles are considered the "uphill" section. Nothing too bad, climbing around 700 feet. After the uphill, the course takes a quick right onto some excellent downhill singletrack. Very flowy and and smooth, except of course for the few areas that aren't. A few drop offs here and there and of course the "mandatory dismount section". There was even a course marshall here during the race to make sure all racers were dismounting. At the bottom the smooth singletrack continued. 
This section was a blast. If it has been awhile since riding made you feel like a kid, you need to ride this trail. A couple sections of fireroad interspersed with more singletrack, a few technical rock sections and you are back at the finish. Our pre-ride took us an hour and 7 minutes. We never took it too easy but we didn't push it either. Our hopes were high. At this point, the wind started in. Wow, it took every rope we had to keep things in place. We began to worry that race day would be more of the same.

Race day began with a team meeting and some quick clarification of the rules. I had the dubious honor of starting for our team which meant I got to do the LeMans start. We placed our bikes in the racks and then hiked back down the road for about 400 yards, up and over a hill. I've watched these starts many times but never participated, I was glad when no one sprinted off the line. The pace was still quick though. I tried my best to hang on to the 10th spot over the course and was very happy when the first lap was over. 
The transitions went smooth and it was nice to have a big digital clock hanging over the finish. With only 4 people on a team and with everyone putting in 1 hour lap times, it is amazing how quickly your turn to ride comes around again. We still didn't know how many teams were in our class but we had figured out that the team camped closest to us was definitely a team to beat. Their first rider was a pro and they had driven all the way from Driggs, Idaho for the race. The first lap, their pro had beat my time by over 6 minutes.
As a I started my second lap I knew we had actually caught and passed them on time but that the pro would be coming up behind me quickly. I made a goal out of beating him to the top of the climb and to the singletrack where I might be able to hold him off. He passed me after the mandatory dismount and it was all I could do to hang with him through the rest of the lap. I was suprised to see him dismount over many of the technical sections which helped me hang with him. I crossed the finish line only 20 seconds behind him and met my goal of a sub one hour lap.
That was the last time we had to worry about that team as we slowly gained ground on them over the rest of the race. Unfortuneately they weren't the only other 4 man team out there. The top team was made up of several Icup pros and a few other pros from another series. They had over a lap on everyone by the 6 hour mark. My team set our sights on second place, who were only an hour ahead of us. My team held on well and put in some great efforts.
Night time came and it quickly became very cold, so cold in fact that I actually stopped at one of the course workers fires for a minute to warm up my hands which were so cold I couldn't feel my fingers anymore.
 - Jake Weber
Race results from Joel Quinn:
Joel's team took 1st place in the Corporate category by finishing 20 laps for a total of 260 miles on a 13 mile course, beating the 2nd place team by 2 laps. Joel did 5 laps. His best lap time was 59:15.