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Team Photo Scrapbook 09
2009 Utah Cyclocross Racing Series

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Fort Buenaventura
Ogden, Utah Saturday December 5, 2009

Typical cyclocross weather made a debut for the last utah cyclocross series race. Riders showed up to demonstrate their handling skills in the snow and ice.

Left: Jason flies over the barriers while chasing down the leaders.

Men A: UMB Cross Team had no Men A riders!
Women A: UMB Cross Team had no Women A riders!
Masters Men 35+ A:  UMB Cross Team had no Men 35+ A riders!
Masters 45+:  UMB Cross Team had no Men 45+  riders!
Masters 55+: UMB Cross Team had no Men 55+ riders!
Single Speed: UMB Cross Team had no Single Speed riders!
Men B:

Left: Sliding his way through the corner,
Stephen Brown stays upright around the
corner many fell on as he rides his
way to 13th.

Women B: UMB Cross Team had no Women B riders!
Masters Men 35+ B:

Left: With a smile on his face,
Darren Harris hops the log as he
pushes his way to 17th.

Men C:

High stepping over the barriers,
Jeff Kingsford motors his way to 16th.

After recovering from a flat tire Dan Hutchings runs his way
through the barriers, on his way to 28th.

Left: Making the transition from slick pavement to
icy dirt Chad Waldren rides his way 43rd.

Also riding in the Men C category, but bundled up to stay warm (so the photographer didn't see their UMB jersey) was Steven Brumbaugh who took 21st, Jack Gage who took 30th, and Scott Hunsaker who took 34th.

Women C:

Left: With a smile on her face, Amber Hatfield
rides by the river and through the woods on her
way to 1st. Way to go!

Masters Men 35+ C:

Chasing down the rider in front,
Jason Sparks rides hard to finish 6th.

Riding fast enough to melt the ice around him,
Mike Engberson pushes his way to 8th.

Left: In his second race of the day
Jeff Kingsford flies over the barriers
on his way 24th.

Junior Men 10 - 14: UMB Cross Team had no Junior Men 10 - 14 riders!

Left: Ducking his head to keep the snowflakes
out of his eyes, Zachary Peterson rides his way
through the snow on his way to 12th.

Junior Women 10 - 14: UMB Cross Team had no Junior Women 10 - 14 riders!
Junior Men 9 & Under UMB Cross Team had no Junior Men 9 & Under riders!

Left: Dismounting at the barrier,
Joshua Peterson lifts his bike
as he goes on to ride his way to 9th.

Junior Women 9 & Under UMB Cross Team had no Junior Women 9 & Under riders!

With a small turnout and a few well placed positions in this double point finale, The UMB Cross Team held onto the 7th team spot for the season. With this being their first year as a cross team, they hope to carry the momentum into the ICup season and through to next year's cross season. Thanks to all those who raced and helped out; we had an awesome year!

Mike's photos:
Dan's photos:

Left: Jason and Mike pick their way though the stream bed and the rock field.

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