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Team Photo Scrapbook 09
2009 Utah Cyclocross Racing Series

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Andy Ballard Equestrian Center
Draper, Utah Saturday November 27, 2009

Gobble Gobble! With only a few days since the big feast, UMB Cross Team riders had a bountiful helping of fun as they competed in the Thanksgiving weekend cross race.

Left: Dan and Jeff are in the line of front riders of the Men C class.

Men A: UMB Cross Team had no Men A riders!
Women A: UMB Cross Team had no Women A riders!
Masters Men 35+ A:  UMB Cross Team had no Men 35+ A riders!
Masters 45+:  UMB Cross Team had no Men 45+  riders!
Masters 55+:

Left: Powering to the top of the hill
Bruce Argyle passes his own expectations
as he rides to 7th.
Single Speed: UMB Cross Team had no Single Speed riders!
Men B:

Left: On a borrowed bike
Stephen Brown leads the charge
of the chase group as he makes
his way to 12th.

Right: Ever have one of
those races? This is the
bike Stephen started the
race with...
Great comeback!

Women B: UMB Cross Team had no Women B riders!
Masters Men 35+ B:

Left: Shouldering his bike, Darren
jumps the barrier as he
moves up to 15th.
Men C:

Left: Pulling up to make the dirt
to pavement transition, Jeff
rides his way to 9th.

Right: Worrying the rider next
to him, Dan Hutchings
slides through the sand on
his way to 12th.

Left: Taking the inside track through the sand,
Scott Hunsaker rides his way 39th.

Women C:

Left: Making her way up the hill,
Amber Hatfield rides to 2nd.

Masters Men 35+ C:

Left: With his bike on his shoulder, Jason
runs his way up the hill to finish 5th.

Right: After quickly climbing the hill, Mike
pushes his way to 6th.

Junior Men 10 - 14: UMB Cross Team had no Junior Men 10 - 14 riders!
Junior Women 10 - 14: UMB Cross Team had no Junior Women 10 - 14 riders!
Junior Men 9 & Under UMB Cross Team had no Junior Men 9 & Under riders!
Junior Women 9 & Under UMB Cross Team had no Junior Women 9 & Under riders!

Even with the smaller team turnout, The UMB Cross Team held onto the 7th team spot while many racers moved up in their individual categories.

Mike's photos:
Dan's photos:

Left: This crazy crosser rode her beach cruiser in the single speed category.

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