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Team Photo Scrapbook 09
2009 Utah Cyclocross Racing Series

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Weber Fairgrounds
- Saturday, November 7, 2009

With plentiful sunshine, mild air, and colorful leaves, the UMB Cross Team enjoyed a great day of racing. 

Left:  Justin and Stephen sprint off at the start of the B class.

Men A: UMB Cross Team had no Men A riders!
Women A: UMB Cross Team had no Women A riders!
Masters Men 35+ A:  UMB Cross Team had no Men 35+ A riders!
Masters 45+:   

Left:  Jay Griffin rides over the
log obstacle to ride to 9th place.

Masters 55+:  UMB Cross Team had no Men 55+ riders!
Single Speed: 

In his second race of the day, Dan Hutchings
dismounts and jumps over the log as he moves
into the 16th spot.  Notice how the reflectors
are glimmering in the sun?

Also in his second race of the day
Jason Sparks
grits his teeth and grinds
with his one gear as he pushes
hard to the 15th spot.

Men B:

Justin Griffin runs along side his bike before the remount
as he rides to the 7th spot.

Stephen Brown does the quick remount
as he pushes his way up to 16th spot.

Women B:  UMB Cross Team had no Women B riders!
Masters Men 35+ B:  

Left: Darren Harris cuts into the
corner as he rides his way to
the 22nd place.
Men C:

Jeff Kingsford pushes hard as leads the start of the men's
C group as he rides his way to the 22nd spot.

Mike Horne muscles his way
through the crowd to the 16th spot.

Up and out of the saddle, Dan Hutchings pushes hard
to come around the front rider to the 51st spot.

Steve Brumbaugh jumps the barrier during one of his laps.
Unfortunately, a flat tire brought his race to an early end.

Flying over the logs, Bart Schenck come to land in
the 50th place.
Pushing up the hill and over the barrier,
Scott Hunsaker rides to the 59th spot.
Right: Chad Waldren heads out for another lap.
Unfortunately, two flat tires brought his race to an end.
Women C: 

Left: Amber Hatfield goes for the remount
as she powers her way to 1st place.
Way to go Amber!
Masters Men 35+ C:

Left:  Jason Sparks leads the charge off the line
to take 6th place. 

Junior Men 10 - 14:

Left: Zackary Peterson clears the
barrier as he comes into the 9th spot.
Junior Women 10 - 14: 

Left:  In her first race with the team
Carlee Hunsaker leans into the corner
as she riders her way into 2nd place.
Welcome to the team!

Junior Men 9 & Under:

Left: For the second week in a row,
Joshua Peterson rides to 1st
Way to go Joshua!
Junior Women 9 & Under: UMB Cross Team had no Women 9 & Under riders!

With barbecue beef sandwiches on the menu for lunch, the warm air, and the plenty or races, it was a great day to be at the Weber Fairgrounds cross racing. 

Jay's photos
Steve's photos

Brent's photos

Left:  Justin pushes hard on his mountain bike.

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