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Team Photo Scrapbook 09
2009 Utah Cyclocross Racing Series

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Andy Ballard Equestrian Center
- October 24, 2009

Neither rain, nor thorns, nor skipping chain rings could stop the UMB Cross Team.  13 UMB riders hit the Draper course in 6 different categories to post our strongest showing of the season.

Left:  Bruce lights the trail on fire as he rides rides through the leaf barren trees.

Men A: UMB Cross Team had no Men A riders!
Women A: UMB Cross Team had no Women A riders!
Masters Men 35+ A:  UMB Cross Team had no Men 35+ A riders!
Masters 45+:   

Left:  Jay Griffin reaches the top of the hill as he rides 
off to a 2nd place finish.


Right:  Cyclocross is great for fans and
spectators.  With a shorter track
and more laps, one can
see their riders go
by multiple

Masters 55+:  

Left:  Joel Quinn sets up before he
jumps the barrier as he moves
ahead to 5th place.


Right:  Bruce Argyle steps over the
barrier and starts up the hill
as he runs his way
to 8th place.

Single Speed: UMB Cross Team had no Single Speed riders!
Men B:

Left: After a short sip, Justin Griffin tosses
the bottle to the side as he rides into
6th place.

Right:  Eric Ellis showed up to this cross race as a
spectator.  However, after Dan lent him his helmet,
Mike lent him his jersey and shoes, Jason lent him his
shorts, and Bruce lent him his bike, Eric rode
hard to take 11th.  There is no better place
to watch a cross race than from the
cockpit of a bicycle...

Above: many riders enjoyed home made chicken noodle soup complements of Jason and Marsha.

Center: After recovering from a flat, Stephen Brown
rounds the barrel in the sandpit as he rides to 26th place.


Jay and Darren head out for another lap.

Women B:  UMB Cross Team had no Women B riders!
Masters Men 35+ B:  

With his bike shouldered,
Darren Harris
charges up the
hill as he moves on to take
the 18th place.

UMB Cross Team supporters are sold
monogrammed cow bells to ring as the
riders go by, and fill with dirt until
they come by again.

Men C:

In his first race of the day, Jeff Kingsford
hops the barrier with his mountain bike
to take the 18th spot.

Setting up for the first barrier,
Mike Horne looks ahead as
he races to the 28th spot.

Left: With his bike shouldered,
Dan Hutchings pushes up
the hill as he races to
the 41rst spot.

Women C: UMB Cross Team had no Women C riders!
Masters Men 35+ C:

In his second race of the day, Jeff Kingsford 
chases down the riders in front as he 
rides to the 15th spot.

Mike Engberson grinds his way to the top
of the hill as he races into the 18th spot.

Jason Sparks races his bike to the top of
the hill where he mounts it and has a blowout.
At the time, Jason was right behind 1rst
place.  After recovering, Jason
rode to the 30th spot.

In his first cross race, Dale Hutchings
powers up the hill to take 34th.

Junior Men 10 - 14: UMB Cross Team had no Junior Men 10 - 14 riders!
Junior Women 10 - 14: UMB Cross Team had no Junior Women 10 - 14 riders!
Junior Men 9 & Under: UMB Cross Team had no Men 9 & Under riders!
Junior Women 9 & Under: UMB Cross Team had no Women 9 & Under riders!

Despite 3 flats, and 1 mechanical, the UMB Cross Team had their best showing of the season.  With their newfound success, they anxiously await the upcoming "double cross" weekend at Wheeler Farm.  See you there!

Jay's photos:
Dan's photos:

Left:  Stephen catches and passes Bob.

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