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UMB Cross Team Scrapbook 09
2009 Utah Cyclocross Racing Series

Weber Fairgrounds
- Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mother Nature smiled upon the Weber Fairgrounds and gave excellent weather for the second race in the Utah Cyclocross series.

Left:  Jeff Kingsford chases down St. Nick?

Category Men C:

Left:  Mike Horne jumps over the barrier to take 15th place.


Right:  Jeff Kingsford jumps the ditch others ride around to take 7th place.

Center:  In his first race of the season Dan Hutchings reaches out for a drink as he rides to 42nd.        

Masters 55+: UMB Cross Team had no Masters 55+ riders!
Masters 45+: UMB Cross Team had no Masters 45+ riders!
Masters 35+ B:   

Left:  Darren Harris throws the
bike on his shoulder and runs up
the hill for 16th place.

Right:  Jason works on a fellow
Racer's Bike getting it ready
for the race ahead.

Masters 35+ C:   

Left:  In his second race of the day
Jeff Kingsford rushes ahead to
take 11th place.

Right:  Jason Sparks powers over
the log to take 4th place.

Women A: UMB Cross Team had no Women A riders!
Women B: UMB Cross Team had no Women B riders!
Women C:  

Left:  Amber Hatfield clears the log
with her new cross bike.  Unfortunately,
Amber's tube was overcome with thorns as
she was forced to take a DNF.

Juniors:  UMB Cross Team had no Junior riders!
Men B:

Left:  Jeff enjoys some of the homemade 
warm soup that was made available to 
UMB Cross Team members.

Right:  Stephen Brown cuts the tight
corner as he  takes the 19th spot
in this vast category.

Singlespeed: UMB Cross Team had no Singlespeed riders!
Men A: UMB Cross Team had no Men A riders!
Masters 35+ A: UMB Cross Team had no Masters 35+ A riders!

The UMB Cross team had a good showing for the second race of the season.   After saying "I'll try one race", many riders come back week after week for the thrill that cross provides.

Left:  Jeff gets in the zone at the starting line of the Men C category.

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