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Dead Ringer is complete!
Still working on some of the support materials (like riding guides). And I need to update other trail pages in the area. But here's what I have so far on the five miles of bliss called Dead Ringer.   Trail report...   March 2015.

Red Rock Rampage!  The ICup season starts on a sunny day in St. George.
The UMB race team was represented by 26 racers on the Green Valley race loop.  Congratulations to our three first place finishers!
 Report on the race...   March 2015.

USAC Fat Bike National Championships!  Congrats to UMB team members.
The first National Championships in Fat Biking were held at Powder Mountain Resort. UMB riders take two National Championships.   Report on the race...   February 2015.

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More Cowbell!  Nice easy ride in the JEM area.
New singletrack trail above ledges of white limestone, with Gooseberry Mesa looming to the east. Makes a nice trip for families and beginning bikers.   Trail report...   January 2015.

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Here's the dope on the new Quail Overlook trail system!
This brand-new system has four loops, each visiting the top of a tooth of the escarpment southeast of Quail Creek Reservoir. This is technical riding for experts and upper-intermediates, and it's already a hit! Now that the trails have names (although they're still unmarked), I can unveil the trail page.   Trail report...   January 2015.

Rock and Roll. Zippy riding at Rhythm and Blues
OK, so I'm an idiot. At the southwest end of Rhythm and Blues I ignored a little path forking to the right, assuming it was some irresponsible outlaw riders shortcut. Last trip, the trail wasn't so little. Turns out, it's Rock and Roll, a 3.4 mile clockwise loop that's a blast to ride. I've updated the R&B page.  Trail report...   January 2015.

West Navajo Rocks. Big Mesa Trail!
With the completion of Big Mesa, Navajo Rocks now offers five sequential trails that form an 18-mile loop. Or you can do half-loops of the east or west side of around 10 miles. Here's the dope on Big Mesa, The Big Lonely, and Coney Island.  Trail report...   December 2014.

Hitting the Quail Creek trail...
Plenty of rock and roll on this Moenkopi-fest of a singletrack along the badland slopes of Harrisburg Bench. Worth your time, but definitely for expert riders.  Trail report...   December 2014.


Race report -- the UtCX season ends at the new Draper course!
If you've been wondering how Draper stuffed a 1.6 mile loop (including stairs, bumps, and a flyover) into the oak brush west of the arena, here's the info. Nice riding!   Race report...    December 2014.

The Klonzo system is finished with the addition of Gravitron and VertiGo
Here's the information for the latest trails in the north Klonzo riding area. More technical (and longer) than the other 20 trails in this trail system.  Trail report...   November 2014.

You've been wondering about Zephyr. Here's the scoop!
Most riders won't be excited by Zephyr. But it opens some wonderful riding opportunities, both for long-mileage hammerheads and beginners looking for a cruise. And if it's not your thing, well, you should never complain about having more trail for other people to ride.  Trail report...   November 2014.

Great new trail, but it's too late!
The Jimmy Keen singletrack is 8 miles of twisting fun in the La Sals. It was just opened November 1st. But at over 8000 feet elevation, this weekend's storm will bury it. Remember it for next year! It's a super alternative to the boring Kokopelli section of the Whole Enchillada!   Trail report...   November 2014.

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Klonzo Beginner Slickrock
Overweight, out-of-shape, and never been off the sidewalk before? Box-store single-gear bike? Planning to take your preschool kids with stroll-a-bikes? Well, now you can mountain bike on slickrock too. The Carousel area in South Klonzo (10 miles north of Moab) is open and already packed with riders. It's another big hit from the Trail Mix volunteers!   Trail report...   October 2014.

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Klonzo South!
Located on Willow Springs Road just west of Arches National Park, the opening of Klonzo South gives you 20 trails in this riding area -- worth spending the whole day. My favorites are Houdini and Topspin, which I've incorporated into a sample ride for you.   Trail report...   October 2014.

Interactive map of Utah trails
New feature! Zoom to area trails and trailheads on map or satellite views.  Programmed by Todd.  Choose a riding region, then zoom-in to see the trails, color-coded by difficulty. Hover over trails for name. Allows you to identify nearby trailheads to plan multi-trail rides. High-speed connection recommended.   Let's see the map!  


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