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Herriman Trails
Here's the info on the loop off Juniper Crest, the Firebreak Trail, and the ridge route at Blackridge Pond. As fall arrives, you'll appreciate more options for low-altitude riding.   Trail report...   August 2014.

North Ogden Divide to Willard
Here's a 12.5-mile route along the west edge of Ben Lomond Peak, with the Pleasant View section of the Bonneville Shoreline in the south and narrow singletrack clinging to the rugged mountainside for 7 miles in the north.   Trail report...   August 2014.

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Snowbird's new Big Mountain Trail
Descend from Hidden Peak at 11,000 feet down to the base at 8000 feet over 7.5 miles of singletrack. Snowbird's new trail has had a few rainy weeks for the surface to pack down. If you've been wondering whether it's worth the tram fee (or getting up early in the morning while the trail is still two-way), here's Bruce's report.   Trail report...   August 2014.

Eagle Point trails, top of Beaver Canyon
At over 10,000 feet elevation, these trails are nicely cool on a summer's day. They're well-built and fun. There aren't a lot of miles at this time, but it's worth a side trip as you pass through Beaver on Interstate 15. Or just enjoy camping in the area and hit the trails for a couple of hours.  Trail report...    August 2014.


Utah Off Road Series, race 2 at Nordic Valley!
Great racing at Nordic Valley on Saturday August 9, as some brand-new trail greeted the Cat 1 racers. It's a fun course! Help support our developing racers by supporting this USAC-affiliated series.  Pencil in August 30 for the 3rd race of the series.  Race report...    August 2014.

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New trails in the Hurricane Rim system:  Cryptobionic and Goosebumps!
These trails offer new variations on your favorite JEM rides. Alternate downhills for the big Hurricane Loop, or nice fun figure-eights from the Virgin trailhead. Finished in spring 2014, they're ready for you to explore.   Trail report...    August 2014.

ICup season finale at Solitude!
The Chris Allaire XC race at Solitude Resort was the final event of the 2014 season. The UMB race team scored a lot of wins at this event for a fine finish to the year.   Race report...    July 2014.


New Series gets off to a nice start at Nordic Valley!
The Utah Off Road Series got underway with a sparsely-attended Friday morning race at Nordic Valley in Eden. The UMB race provided almost 1/3 of the racers as riders checked out the new course and the new organization. We found both to be excellent.   Race report...    July 2014.

The Rage at Snowbird!
The second-to-last race of the 2014 Intermountain Cup season was Saturday July 5. The ranks were a bit thin on the holiday weekend, as only the hard-core racers showed up   Race report...    July 2014.

Deer Valley Pedalfest!
The 5.7-mile loop at Deer Valley was a variation on the traditional route, with 900 vertical feet of climbing per lap. The weather was perfect and the trails were in great shape.  The UMB team rocked a few first-place finishes!   Race report...    June 2014.

New singletrack on upper Ridge 157!  No more rock-slide surfing...
For the last 10 years, I've always done the Ridge from the north -- riding up to Pole Line Pass, then heading south toward the Alpine Loop summit. Now there's 2.7 miles of nice singletrack bypassing that "1000-vertical in 1 mile" north of Mill Canyon. South-to-North is now a fun option!  It's going to open up a whole bunch of riding possiblities for you.   All-new Ridge Trail page...    June 2014.

Dugway's Desert Scorpion race!
Each 7-mile loop had 1000 vertical feet of climbing with 5 miles of narrow technical singletrack. The desert was cooled by a chilly north wind as racers received a warm welcome from the military.   Race report...    June 2014.

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Draper's Stan Crane Memorial XC race!
It was a great day of racing on the awesome trails of Draper's Corner Canyon, as warm sunshine greeted riders on the 10.7 mile loop.   Race report...    May 2014.

Miner's Loop!  More great riding in Klondike Bluffs.
Miner's Loop forks off the southern end of the awesome EKG Trail in the Klondike Bluffs riding area north of Moab. Just finished a couple of weeks ago, it adds a new flavor to the many riding options here. You'll want to add this trail to your Moab plans.  Trail report...    May 2014.

Chilkoot Pass. Final piece on the west side of Klondike Bluffs.
This little lariat loop is the most boring bit of trail in all of Moab. Very easy beginner riding and nothing pretty to look at. But it completes a north-south route on the west side of Klondike, extending all the way up to a small parking area on the Dinosaur Tracks road. So you should know about it.   Trail report...    May 2014.

Colorado River paved bike path is open!
This very expensive path hangs out over the water as it separates bikes from cars on State Route 128 along the Colorado. Bike back from Porcupine Rim without dodging traffic. Or just go for a pleasant ride. I've added information on this trail (and the new Moab Trail Hub) to the Old 191 page.  Moab Canyon Pathway (Old 191) report...    Page updated May 2014.

Draper's Stan Crane Memorial XC race!
It was a great day of racing on the awesome trails of Draper's Corner Canyon, as warm sunshine greeted riders on the 10.7 mile loop.   Race report...    May 2014.

All-new Potato Hill page includes the new Red Potato Trail.
It's amazing how many new opportunities open up with a small addition. The 0.7 miles of Red Potato really changes how you'll attack the eastern side of Draper's Corner Canyon.   Trail report...    May 2014.

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Navajo Rocks!  New trail system in Moab.
Two of the planned four trails of the Navajo Rocks system are now finished, forming a nice 9-mile loop. These trails are found on Highway 313 just north of Moab.   Trail report...    May 2014.

Lambert Park! Awesome day of racing...
Intermountain Cup race number 5 was a short-track event with multiple loops on a 2.8-mile route in northern Lambert Park. The overnight rain left the trails tacky but not squishy.   Race report...    May 2014.

Five Mile Pass!  ICup race #4.
The Five Mile Pass race was originally scheduled April 26. It was postponed until May 3 because heavy rain turned the clay soil into a giant mud pot. Weather was great for the delayed race.   Race report...    May 2014.

Rumble at 18 Road
The "Rumble" was the sound of mud-caked tires rubbing on mud-crusted frames. The rain ambushed the race at precisely the wrong time. On the first wave, riders slogged through deep mud. The second wave had a lovely race on a shortened course.   Race report...    April 2014.

The Cactus Hugger!  ICup race #2.
The clouds looked cold and threatening, but the weather was perfect for a St. George race.  The UMB race team popped a few tires and broke a few bike parts on this rough techy course.   Race report...    April 2014.

Gooseberry yurt. Eco-friendly lodging on the mesa.
Got a chance to check out the yurt on Gooseberry's north rim. It's located just 1/10 mile from the singletrack, with room for a couple of carloads of your biking buddies. Bruce's photo tour will tell you what yurt-camping offers.  Yurt review...    April 2014.

Jedi Slickrock. More sandstone in the Bartlett Wash area.
This mesa just south of Bartlett Wash is an open-riding area -- there's no official trail, and you can ride anywhere you want within the designated zone. Play on smooth Entrada slickrock.  Trail review...    March 2014.

Now 18 miles of trail at Dead Horse Point.
The trail system at Dead Horse Point has become a favorite of families and beginning riders. Last month 9 miles of new trail opened west of 313, interconnecting with the original Intrepid system. It's great stuff.  Trail review...    March 2014.

Wild Rides and Wildflowers
This book will be released later this month (March 2014).  I loved it and I'm pretty sure my wife would have hated it. It's a four-year sequence of ride narratives, as two aging Utah professors talk about environment, botany, philosophy, and religion as they regularly ride the Great Western trail in Provo Canyon.   Book Review...    March 2014.

Hymasa Trail!  A beautiful singletrack alternative on Amasa.
My riding buddies love the brutal ledge-strewn climb on Amasa. Not me. This two-way trail bypasses most of the jeep road as you climb to the Amasa Saddle. Connecting directly to Captain Ahab, this trail just opened last week.  A big THANK YOU to the volunteers of Moab Trail Mix.  Trail review...    March 2014.

Review of the Trail Trainer workout series!
Working out on a trainer can be a boring hateful proposition. Anything that helps you feel like you're really riding a trail can keep insanity  away a little longer, until the snow melts and the dirt is ready for your tires again. The Trail Trainer series uses the Wasatch Crest, Gooseberry Mesa, Corner Canyon, and Bearclaw Poppy as a setting for trainer workouts.   Read the Review article...    February 2014.

Interactive map of Utah trails
New feature! Zoom to area trails and trailheads on map or satellite views.  Programmed by Todd.  Choose a riding region, then zoom-in to see the trails, color-coded by difficulty. Hover over trails for name. Allows you to identify nearby trailheads to plan multi-trail rides. High-speed connection recommended.   Let's see the map!  


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