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The UtahMountainBiking CD  's CD has screensavers, a wallpaper changer with over 300 photos, and videos of Utah's trails. The screensavers and wallpaper changer are expanded versions of our downloadable "freebies."

Trail Videos
The CD has 33 video "shorts," averaging 80 seconds each, featuring Utah's trails. Each has a stereo background-music soundtrack. The videos are expertly edited, and lots of fun. Windows Media Player is included on the CD. Click for more info on the videos.
There are 13 screensavers on the CD, averaging 80 photos per screensaver. The photos cycle when your computer is idle. Themes include winter biking, extreme biking, Moab, rock-riding, alpine singletrack, trailside flowers, and many more. Click for more information on the screensavers.
Wallpaper manager and autochanger
A biking wallpaper program includes over 300 photos, in 800x600 format. Select a wallpaper to fit your mood, or set up the program to randomly change your wallpaper every time you boot up. You can also use the wallpaper program as a "slide show" to continuously cycle photos on your computer. 

Click for a sampler of wallpaper, or to try the freebie version.

The CD is a great value at $9.95 (US dollars). And if you buy any guidebook through our bookstore, it's only $1. The CD is sold through our on-line Utah Bookstore.
We also offer our video shorts in high-definition (480 scan lines) TV format on the UtahMountainBiking DVD (also available on VHS). Price is $19.95.

Read about the UtahMountainBiking DVD