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Bar ends, also called "climbing horns," are extensions at the end of the handlebars. They jut forward, allowing a climbing rider to put more weight on the front of the bike during a brutal grunt uphill. Bar ends also give you another position for your hands, reducing risk of carpal tunnel syndrome during long rides. And, they provide a little aspen-banging protection for your little finger when dodging trees on a singletrack.

Bar ends have some non-riding uses: when you flip the bike to take off a tire, the bar ends keep your speedometer from being knocked off in the dirt. And when you endo, the $15 bar end just might save the brake lever on that $120 (per side) brake and shifter unit.

On the other hand, bar ends keep you from moving your hands as readily around the handlebar. And, they have a tendency to hook stout bushes at the side of the trail, dumping you in a hurry. You need to decide whether bar ends will help you or hurt you.

To install bar ends, you may need to move your shifter and brake lever over. You need a hex wrench.

The bar end will take up about 3/4 inch. But if your habit is to ride with your hand hanging over the end of the handlebar, it will change the angle of your hand, requiring that the equipment be moved over even more.

Some grips come with a thin section on the outer end, designed to be cut away for bar ends.

If you're using standard grips, wet them, and slide them 3/4 inch up the handlebar.

Slide the bar end onto the handlebar, bolt side down, curvy side aiming inward.
Sighting across to the other bar end (to match the angle), tighten the bolt. You'll need a hex wrench. Most riders place the bars just above 90 degrees from the steering tube. Since the steering tube is angled forward about 15, the bars have an angle of about 20 to 30 from the ground.

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