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The Great UtahMountainBiking Treasure Hunt #2

Each set of clues goes to a link hidden on a photo, somewhere within the (over 500) pages on's web site. When you click on the link, you'll see a page that gives you the "Treasure" to fill in the blank. We suggest you print the page, then go to work. When this treasure hunt was first posted, the first to email a list of all 13 treasures won a copy of the 379-page book "Mountain Bike America Moab" by Lee Bridgers. Now it's just for fun.

Treasure Directions

Find a page that shows all different types of bandages and wraps, and click on a bandage that's shaped like the letter H.


Home of the Ontario Mine (at the time the richest silver mine in the world) this Utah town enjoyed legal prostitution in its houses of recreation, regulated by the town council, well into the 20th century. On a trail that starts in this town, click on a mine building.


Find a photo of a rider crossing the finish line -- but it's a race that only old guys can enter.

4._____________ Originally named "Sulfur Springs," this one-time Pony Express stop was the site of Utah's first sugar company, producing sugar from beets. Find a trail suitable for families that runs along its western edge. Click on a happy boy on his bike.
5._____________ In a photo that shows the "Rule of Thirds," click on Gary, the bike rider.

Officers of the Mormon Battalion bought a fort and the surrounding valley from Miles Goodyear. They named it after a fur trapper from Quebec who'd scouted the area on behalf of the Hudson Bay Company. Find a trail that looks over this valley, and click on a juniper tree.


Click on the helmet of a biker who's about to spew chunks all over the trail.


If you ride this trail as a loop, it will take you through the bottom of Snowbasin Resort. Click on a ski-lift chair


Want to get in shape for some hard-core biking? Click on a photo of Matt, UtahMountainBiking's buffest rider, doing a lateral pull-down.


This popular trail is named after a carnivorous mammal and a non-mobile body of water. It's one of the few trails in its county where these animals may be seen. On this trail's page, find a photo that shows BOTH of the objects after which this trail is named. Click on one of them.


Find a page that discusses how Coconino sandstone of the Permian period came to be exposed by a blister-like up-swelling of rock layers in central Utah. Click on a photo of a mine that produced radioactive ore.


This trail starts in Utah's highest town and passes through a campground where girls are rarely seen. Click on a rusty old derelict. (Players who click on Bruce will be automatically disqualified.)


As mountain bikers, we must occasionally deal with venomous subcutaneous injections by hymenoptera and hemoaspiration by arthropods. Find a page with photos of such creatures, and click on a giant arachnid with children.